About us

Key capital of the Fund is its staff, with extensive knowledge and experience. The managers at Solter Capital have years of experience gathered with recognized businesses and financial institutions. Their knowledge enables them to exercise solid and certain management of investments, guaranteeing maximized returns with a high level of safety.

Solter Capital is a Private Equity fund established by Polish business operators where the majority of shareholders have years of experience in business management. The fund was established in 2010. It operates in Poland.


Investment strategy and criteria

Solter Capital invests in small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in such lines of business as FMCG, commercial property and new technologies; however, it is not closed for other sectors. A typical investment horizon ranges from 3 to 6 years, and investment value is usually from 5 to 50 million PLN. Consortium investments are acceptable as well, with a total value exceeding 50 million PLN.

When we decide to engage in a potential investment, we thoroughly review the given project from the inside. We also try to capture all the external factors that will or may have an effect on the investment returns in the future. The characteristics and unique qualities of the given enterprise constitute another important aspect in terms of investment profitability. Characteristics of the market for the given operator’s business is extremely important as well. This includes in particular the market size, potential and growth rate. We also pay attention to the company’s market position and strategy.

The people who form an organization constitute a value of that organization. Their competence, experience and professionalism would often offer added value that distinguishes the given enterprises from others. A clear operating strategy, the right vision, the idea for business development, achievement of forecast assumptions – all these factors can be used to verify that the company’s Directors are the right people in the right place. Divestment typically occurs through selling shares to a strategic investor or a financial investor, or through the company going public, Stock Exchange listing, or managerial buyout (MBO).


Our advantages

The adopted investment strategies are a definite advantage of Solter Capital. We approach every project on a case-by-case basis, to engage in those which will give added value to stakeholders. While exercising control over companies, we only implement those solutions which will improve their financial standing and thus enable them to get a higher rate of return on investment.